Extreme Marine Charters

Charters with Extreme Marine

Our South Australian built 8.5 metre Youngcraft is powered by a 200hp Volvo motor with facilities including an enclosed cabin, toilet and colour HD screen.  You will find us moored right next to the boat ramp at Port MacDonnell.  Our boat size allows us to cater for smaller groups with everyone having a working rod.  You will be fishing close to the water which will make landing a fish easier.

During your trip we will provide water, light snacks and cooked BBQ lunch.  We will fillet your catch, wash and bag it before packing on ice to ensure you arrive home with a fresh catch of the day.

Available Charters

Southern Bluefin Tuna and Albacore
Exhilarating to catch on light gear, Southern Bluefin Tuna can be found anywhere from the depth of 10m to the shelf.  Albacore and Dolphinfish will also be found during our Deep Sea Charter on the shelf.  This is spectacular fishing with bait fish attracting birdlife, dolphins, sharks and seals.

Deep Sea Fishing (Includes electric reels)
Getting out near the shelf and bottom bouncing from 200m - 500m can land you fish such as Hapuka, Blue Eye Trevella, Ling and Tasmanian Trumpeter.  A highlight of this trip would be to hook a Mako Shark that can put up an aggressive fight.

Reef Fishing
Gummy Shark is always good to catch on these charters to take home to the table.  Other reef fish include Snapper, Morwong, Knifejaw and School Shark.

Charter Times

Note all times are UNBERTHING and BERTHING.  Ensure you arrive half an hour PRIOR to the charter time.  One attempt to contact late passengers will be made however we cannot guarantee your spot if you are late.

Please note charter price and times vary slightly depending on work involved with each charter.

Morning 3.00am - 11.00am
Day 7.30am - 4.30pm
Afternoon 2.00pm - 11.00pm
Twilight 4.00pm - 12.00am

Charter Rates

General Boat Hire: 9 hours
Passengers: Up to 6
Half day charters available 

Deep Sea, Morning and Twilight Charters

Day and Afternoon Charters

When the Willow Lee is booked with one group we are reasonably flexible with times suitable to the anglers.

All rates are $250 per person

If you have a small group and do not want to pay full boat fee we will take your details and join your booking with another smaller group when available.
Singles certainly welcomed.